How To Create a Successful Blog Easily

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How To Create a Successful Blog

How To Create a Successful Blog Easily

Create a successful blog easily with these 5 main steps.

Blogging is easy, but creating a successful blog is hard.  It has become a pretty popular industry, from what used to be a simple way to journal your thoughts in weblog mode has quickly become a way for stay at home parents to earn some money. In order to do this, you must have a successful blog.  Here are some ways to be successful blogging:

  1. Choose a platform to host your blog, purchase a domain name and hosting option.
  2. Select a simple theme for a blog design.
  3. Modify the bog design theme to get a look and feel you love.
  4. Install plugins for social shares, SEO (search engine optimization) purposes and analytics.
  5. Write content that is no less than 400 words per blog post.

Choosing a Platform, Domain Name and Hosting

There are many options available to use as your blogging platform, but the most popular blogging platform is self-hosted due to the ease of use and ability to grow as you go from beginner to expert. Purchasing a domain name is tricky, as you can spend more than you should in this area if you don’t know where to search. Most domain companies have first time customer deals and start up is always crazy inexpensive.  A domain name costs about $14 a year and hosting can cost around $4 a month.  We recommend GreenGeeks, HostGator and Stablehost. 

Read more about Domain names and hosting in our How To Blog Beginner's Guide



Select a Simple Theme for Blog Design

Once you have your blogging platform chosen, domain name purchased and hosting company chosen, it is time to figure out the look and feel of your successful blog. Keeping it simple is the best tip we can offer you, a clean theme that doesn’t have too much extra code for design will assist in ranking higher in search engine. We recommend Genesis Framework , Genesis has been rated the best theme framework available and for good reason. It is simple, lightweight, great for ranking your site higher in search engines and protecting against hackers & viruses. Genesis and a child theme will cost around $100.  This is pennies compared to what could be lost if you start with a free theme and have your site taken down by a virus or your content ranking so low no one sees it anyways.

Modify the Simple Theme to Be Unique To You

You certainly want to keep the theme as simple as possible to avoid confusing the search engine robots that will index your site and tell search engines where to place your domain within the ranks of internet content. Each simple theme usually comes with a variety of colors and options to use your own header image as a means to have you stand out from the crowd of other successful bloggers who may have selected the same simple blog theme you chose. Use these customizations to make your blog unique to you so that readers won’t feel as though they have been here before, and will want to visit your blog more often.  When going through the list of themes,  be sure to click DEMO, this will give you a preview of what the design looks like.   If you are completely new to Genesis you can also Click here to download The Genesis Guide for Absolute Beginners (PDF - 1.4 MB)

Install Plugins in has an area that allows you to add new plugins to your blog, once you start to search out WordPress plugins for your successful blog, you will see that there are many options available. The key to ensuring you have a successful blog is to not overload on plugins. If you have too many plugins installed it will slow down load time of your blog and in turn some hosting companies may stop your blog being live on the internet if you have a shared hosting account until you resolve the load time issue. The necessary plugins for a successful blog are ones that allow users to social share your posts with one click, one plugin for Search Engine Optimization purposes and maybe an analytics plugin that allows you to research visitors actions on your website as well as how many visits your successful blog is gaining.

Successful Blog

Write Compelling Content

The key to having a successful blog lies within your content, making sure that each blog post is at a minimum of 400 words is key. While you will see a variety of suggestions on length for blog posts, the tried and true middle ground area to hit for each blog post is no less than 400 words per blog post. Make sure that you focus on content that will appeal to your readers as well as search engine robots. Stay on key point and hold true to the niche you are focused on. Compelling content is that which helps readers answer a question they have, teaches them something new or shares with them a personal story that they can relate to.

The Key to Starting a Successful Blog

The key to having a successful blog is to work every day on writing new compelling content that is scheduled to publish on your blog every 3-5 days. Having new content publish on your blog on a regular basis will train the search engine robots to visit your blog on a regular basis, as the robots will start to learn your pattern and in turn you start to rank higher in search engine results. Having a successful blog is easy, but it is up to you to implement the above five steps to get a head start at creating a successful blog.