How To Make An Image Background Transparent Using PicMonkey

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Update****  Picmonkey has since changed a few things for the better, so now you can simply choose “transparent background” 

How To Make An Image Background Transparent Using PicMonkey


Making an image transparent can be pretty tricky if you do not have any of the big photo programs like Photoshop. I have never actually even used Photoshop and so I had to find an alternative.  Trying to edit photos or make designs without being able to make something transparent is impossible.  So I found a way to use my favorite ever free online photo editing program,  PicMonkey!

This trick can be used for all kinds of different things too.   I use to hate that I had to have  a  “starter” image in order to place a banner to build an image onto ,  well with this trick you don’t have to !   Build an image on a transparent background!

Here is how : 

1.  Go to  and Choose “Create Collage”

How To Make An Image Transparent Using PicMonkey


2. Close the boxes in the shown collage format so that it is just one big square

How To Make An Image Transparent Using PicMonkey




3.  Click on the palette icon located on the bottom of the list to the left , then click transparent, this will make that whole white square transparent. Then click EDIT  at the top.  You will be asked if you want to open the editor, click yes.

How To Make An Image Transparent Using PicMonkeypm3



4.  Now this will be weird and will take some getting use to you.  You are now looking at PicMonkey’s background in the editor.  Do not worry, your transparent background is there,  it is 2000 x 2000 giving you plenty of room to work on.  If you want to see it click on the crop tool to get a visual.  Then you will just have to work in the middle.  Sometimes objects or text will go off the edge, that is ok just re-position.  Chances are everything you do will be tons smaller than this 2000 x 2000 so there will be no problems.

5.  Start adding your text and overlays.   Once you are finished just click crop to get all the extra cut out .   Then you can resize your image!




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  1. Don’t you just love PicMonkey?!! Their tools are so easy to use and I love all the neat ways you can manipulate an image. Thanks for the tips on making the background transparent. That will come in handy for sure!

  2. I use PicMonkey. I am going to use this in the future. Thank you.

  3. Thanks, just the info I needed! :)

  4. Excellent! exactly what i was looking for…

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  7. Great tutorial. Thanks so much! Pinned.

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