Easy DIY Duct Tape Decorative Reusable Snack Bags

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Send your kids to school with these easy, fun and decorative DIY Duct Tape Reusable Snack Bags. All of their friends will be asking about them!

diy duct tape

Easy DIY Duct Tape Decorative

Reusable Snack Bags

During the school year we are constantly on the go.  My daughter is involved in a lot of extra curricular activities like band and sports. My husband also works a funny schedule, which often includes a random over night shift. I often feel like a single mom with a gazillion things to do and no time to do it.

Their favorite snack on the go is the Welch's Graham Slam! Grape PB&J.  

Welch's Graham Slam! PB&J are basically the coolest thing since a PB&J sandwich.  We are talking about peanut butter and grape jelly nestled between 2 crunchy graham crackers. They can be found in the frozen snack section of your local Walmart right next to other PB&J items.
$1.00 off one Welch's Graham Slam PB&J Sandwiches

diy duct tape

Welch's Graham Slam! PB&J snacks can be found at Walmart. You can eat them frozen or thawed- they are hearty, filling and packed with 12 whole grains, have 7 grams of protein and contain no high fructose corn syrup.

diy duct tape

I purchase 3 boxes of these each week. My daughter tends to grab one on the way out the door for breakfast before school and my husband eats his typically before his overnight work shift.

CLARIFICATION* No where in this post did I say my daughter eats 9 of these a week.  Not that it matters, she has one a day during the week.  My husband chows them down. There are certainly worse things they could be eating. All nasty comments will simply be deleted. If you don't eat them, cool.... keep the negativity to yourself. Thanks!

They both were surprised at how filling the snacks are and love that they can get their PB&J fix without taking the time to make a sandwich.

diy duct tape

Welch's Graham Slam! PB&J are available in Grape (their favorite) and Strawberry.

diy duct tape

The Decorative Snack Bags

My daughter has been going through a phase where she is obsessed with Duct Tape. She loves to watch video tutorials online for fun things to create with duct tape.

One day she was playing around and decided to decorate her snack bags. I thought that was such a cute idea and wanted to share it with all of you!  The point is for fun. It is a simple inexpensive project that allows your children to be creative.

Here is how:

You Will Need:

Duct Tape

Snack Bags with the Slider


diy duct tape


Lay the snack bag out on a flat surface.

diy duct tape

Cut a strip of duct tape double the width of the snack bag.

Lay the strip over the bottom of the bag, wrap the ends around to the backside and press firmly to smooth out.

diy duct tape

Continue to lay strips in the same manner until the last strip lands just below the Slider on the bag. (About 4 strips)

Viola!  Simple. Inexpensive.  A little added fun decor for the kiddos' lunch bag!

diy duct tape

What fun trick or DIY do you have to spruce up your kid's lunch? Leave a comment below to let us know!

Also, Use this coupon to try Welch's Graham Slam! PB&J.

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diy duct tape

20 thoughts on “Easy DIY Duct Tape Decorative Reusable Snack Bags”

  1. Such an easy idea, but a great way to show personality. Great idea!

  2. It's sad to be so busy that someone cannot make one homemade pb&j at least once a week. Homemade jelly takes less than an hour and you control the sugar and preservatives. Nine of these a week? Honestly? Cute bag idea but wow find some recipes on Pinterest.

    • Hi Lara!
      First, thank you SO much for taking time to comment.
      Unfortunately, "sad" is your assumptions. Even with the information I have publicized in this article you still can not presume to even know what my daily life consists of. I am VERY conscientious of what my family eats and provide the perfect balance of home cooked , healthy food with quick store bought snacks. Not sure where you got "nine" from, but I am sorry you missed the point. Thanks for your concern, I assure you I have everything under control. 😀
      Have a great evening!

      • Cute idea with duct tape,I am the obsessed one in our house. Also if your kid ate 9 a week who cares! My son who is now 20 brought the weirdest lunches to school every day...never a sandwich either. His first day of school he had hummus, we never even had hummus in their house before, 1 year it was big pretzels that I microwaved, wrapped in foil and he ate plain.

        • That sounds fabulous Ann, I love hummus AND pretzels! Thank you for commenting!
          Duct tape projects can be addicting, she is getting so creative with them!

      • Kudos to you for letting negative comments roll off your shoulders. People sometimes get lost in the little details and miss the over all point. I am a big fan of raising your children how you feel is best and I love that you did't lose it on the person who chose to judge the snacks you are feeding your children. I am gonna shock the world here and admit that my oldest son eats peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon as a snack.
        The duct tape bag is a great idea and a project to keep the kids busy during down time on the weekends. My boys would probably even get into it.

        • Thank you Heather! I learned long ago that fighting hate with hate is just a bit hypocritical LOL 🙂
          Ummm.... peanut butter from the jar? Are you kidding me, there are certainly worse things he could be eating! I guess the worst part about her comment, aside from assumptions, is that I honestly do struggle daily to keep a balance of foods that make them happy and what I think is healthy. They are such COMPLAINERS. I sneak in veggies, I swap white for wheat, we have cut out added sugar from a lot of places. So when it comes to something like this, it is one of those situations where it is just ok and I don't care what anyone says. 😉
          I really appreciate everyone commenting. <3

    • How would you feel if someone you don't even know said something like this to you? Don't you have better things to do than to judge and criticize a person you've never met? Being a mom is hard enough. We should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. Her choices on what to feed her children are none of your business. This is a How To about making snack bags. If you don't care about the snack bags move on.

      • I totally agree Jennifer, there is WAY too much negativity in the world.
        I always say that if people fully realized daily that it could be their last day they would act so much different. Since losing my dad at only 56 yrs old (something of course I never thought would happen of course) I am constantly reminded of how suddenly things can change. Eh, maybe some day evil will be the lesser of the two. 🙂

    • Depending on what we use them for we do both. It is mostly just for the kids to have fun decorating.

  3. Have been making these for years to keep my "girl products" discrete in my travel bags. I work at a school & have to turn in our equipment remotes every summer in a ziplock bag to a huge box along with 200 other bags. ALWAYS find mine with ease by decorating it with duct tape.

    • That is a fantastic idea Tonya! I am going to mention that to my daughter, she would totally use these for that purpose. Awesome!

  4. My granddaughter and I have made several of these and use them as a First Aid Kit. Just place assorted bandages. and any other item you might use to take care of those boo boos. You can use the small snack size for the glove box or the larger quart size for home and even the gallon for a severer weather emergency pack

  5. My grand son loves these. He has eaten them for lunch and afternoon snacks. He could also eat the whole box in one day (if anyone would let him)!

    • That is great! Even though they are graham crackers, they still remind me of having PB & J on saltines with my dad growing up. Miss those days! 🙂

  6. This is awesome idea! I was thinking about making a gift for my kids end of the year presents... this is awesome way to show everyones personality especially when you have a under bed storage full of duct tapes 😉 flower pens where awesome!

    • Oh Maria, I hear you! My daughter has drawers full and because duct tape projects are getting so popular it is easy to find cheap rolls! No more $5 rolls from the hardware store in just simple colors 😉

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