DIY Beaded Snowman Earrings in 5 Minutes!

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DIY beaded snowman earrings

 DIY Beaded Snowman Earrings

in 5 Minutes!

I've been making beaded jewelry for about 8 years now. It started as a fun hobby that basically provided me with any style of jewelry I would want. My daughter quickly became interested around the time she turned 10.

We spend a lot of time together making jewelry for craft fairs and donate to the women's shelter. It is kind of our little way of bonding and feeling like we actually have something in common. She is 13 years old, so that is hard to do lately it seems!

Her case- In need of a little organization, but I bet she knows right where everything is!

diy beaded snowman earrings

Here is how to make her adorable Beaded Snowman Earrings-

All supplies can be found at Walmart in the craft section. Total cost was about $15 and provides enough to make 8 pairs! The supplies listed below are considered "alpaca silver", sterling silver is more expensive.

NOTE* jewelry making supplies such as the earring hooks and stems listed below are referred to as "jewelry findings".



A package Earring Hooks

1 package 3" bead stems

package each - 3 different size clear/white beads ( we used 8mm, 6mm and 4mm)

1 package snowflake bead caps

A jewelry tool or needle nose pliers


Start with a bead stem. Add the large bead.

diy beaded snowman earrings

Add the middle sized bead and then the smallest.

diy beaded snowman earrings

Top the beads with the snowflake bead cap.

diy beaded snowman earrings

Use the pliers to make an "L" shaped bend in the bead stem.

diy beaded snowman earrings

Loop the earring hook around the bead stem and use the pliers to pinch the end closed.  Viola´! Your own handmade snowman earrings in literally 5 minutes.  Get creative and use a variation of colors and sizes!  Once you see the selection at Walmart you will be addicted. The beads are out of this world. I saw the aisle and instantly had so many ideas for more jewelry.

diy beaded snowman earrings

diy beaded snowman earrings

Store your earrings on this easy Storage DIY for Dangle Earrings

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easy diy beaded snowman earrings

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6 thoughts on “DIY Beaded Snowman Earrings in 5 Minutes!”

  1. I love beading and your snowmen are too cute!
    For the cramping during her cycle, have her try setups! You heard me right...sit ups! My PE teacher (in 1970's) made us girls do sit ups if we complained of cramping! It really does help. I had my girls do the same and I got grumbling from them but they now make their girls do it! Must be something to it.

  2. These earrings are too adorable- and I bet even I could make them. Thanks for the great tutorial! #client


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