Craft Portfolio & Examples

It seems as though when my first daughter was born I instantly became quite crafty. I think I get it from my mom's side of the family. They are a great group of crafters, carpenters, painters and chefs. I enjoy creating things, upcycling and teaching my daughters how to do the same thing.  Now, my oldest daughter has given me my first grandson, so the fun continues! I was pretty excited to have small hands and feet to print again.  Below are some examples and links to projects I have provided clients with.

 Rates depend on a variety of factors. Please use the contact form to chat about cost. Money savings packages are also available.  Invoices and payments via Paypal only.  References available upon request. 

Evergreen, Holiday & Fun Food themes available. 

craft examples


Client Posts

Easter Crafts

Valentine Heart Keepsake

Groundhog Day Craft

White Wash Wood For A Vintage Design

Double Sided Thumbprint Ornament

New Year's Eve Rice Shaker

Easy Spooky Walkway Ghosts

For more examples or to hire me please use the Contact Form.   I work full time from home blogging and providing blogging services, if I am not online I always have my phone with me. Quick replies are another specialty! 

Thank you!