How To Build A Square Foot Garden And Save Space- Video

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If you are limited on space for a garden, this is the perfect project for you. Build a square foot garden and grow pounds of food on a small area!

Build A Square Foot Garden

How To Build A Square Foot Garden And Save Space- Video

If you haven't heard of square foot gardening before, it is a quick and easy way to have a high yield garden in a small space. 16 square feet to be exact.  The method reminds me of combining raised bed gardening with vertical gardening all with the same result.  Lots and lots of full blooms and vegetables.

I personally tried this method with a smaller garden area last year and it worked out perfectly.  I made a smaller area using this method from  Instead of 12 squares I made 6 just to try it out.

This method is great for any flower, fruit or vegetable but I love it mostly for hard to grow veggies like carrots.  Carrots need deep, soft, rock free soil to thrive and with this method that is exactly what you get!

Note*  If you decide to grow tomatoes in your square foot garden OR even if you are limited on space for tomatoes, I have included my favorite video on How To Grow Single Stem Tomatoes.   It is AMAZING what how many plants you can grow in a small space with this method. (Seen below the square foot garden video)

Check out this full video tutorial from Square Foot Gardening and let us know if it is something you would try.  Have you tried it? Comment below, feel free to chat away!

Single Stem Tomatoes

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