Apple Identification Chart- Tart Or Sweet, Cooking Or Eating

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 apple identification chart

Apple Identification Chart

Tart Or Sweet, Cooking Or Eating

This chart is very handy for identifying apples you may be picking from the orchards this apple season.  I use to be able to remember what was good for cooking, baking and eating.  What happened?   It seems that the orchards have such a bigger selection now.  No longer can you expect just your basic red delicious, mac or golden delicious.   Now there is Empire, Galas, Paula Reds, Honey Crisp, Golden Crisp and on and on.

Though some are similar, there is a definite difference in certain kinds of apples and therefore if you are new to cooking or baking with them,  or you just want a refresher,  this chart will help you.    The chart shows the apple name,what it looks like, it's level of sweet or tartness and if it is a cooking, eating or baking apple.

I recently made some apple filling and preserved it in my canning jars for the pantry.  I used Paula Reds and Golden Crisps.  The Golden Crisp is not on this list , but it is like a golden delicious and honey crisp.  The flavor is amazing.  They are a mild tartness and are great for eating.   In baking & cooking they act like a Granny Smith , where they hold up well and their tartness really accents the sugar your recipe will call for.


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26 thoughts on “Apple Identification Chart- Tart Or Sweet, Cooking Or Eating”

  1. An apple is not just an apple! I grew up on red delicious and granny smiths while my husband has always preferred gala. We keep our fridge and fruit bowl stocked with a variety of apples especially since our grandkids eat them like candy.

  2. This is so super-helpful. I love apples, but never know which would be best in baking and cooking. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing this chart. With so many different kinds of apples now sometimes I do forget which are good for what.

  4. This infographic is golden! We are soon approaching apple pie season and I'll definitely need to keep this handy!

  5. My family and I love apples! The Honeycrisp are my favorite but they're always so expensive. I also love the Golden Delicious ones.

  6. My favorite is Honey Crisp. There are so many great things to do with them.

  7. Love this chart! It can be so hard to tell how different apples will turn out in different recipes.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! I go apple picking in the fall and never know which apples are best for eating and which are for baking. They all seem the same to me until I bite into one that's a bit too tart lol.

  9. What a helpful chart to have for sure. Nothing is worse than hoping for a tart apple in a recipe and finding out it was sweeter.

  10. Apples are a one of my family's favorite fruit. That is a great chart to have around!

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