How To Clean Apples Naturally - 5 Ways Without Chemicals

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How To Clean Apples Naturally. You just picked these beautiful amazing apples from nature, so how should you clean them? We show you below!

How To Clean Apples Naturally


How To Clean Apples Naturally

5 Ways Without Chemicals

Ok, so when we first wrote this we were using these recipes to clean apples without chemicals. Since, we have been using them for all sorts of produce.  Especially those yucky, waxy cucumbers and bell peppers. So this post is no longer just How To Clean Apples Naturally...   it is how to clean all hard skinned product naturally!

Clarification*  I don't consider the items below chemicals. Some of you may.  The article is meant to give you ideas that do not use harsh chemicals.  If you are worried about dish soap, don't use it.

How To Clean Apples Naturally

As for apples, We pick about 2 bushels of apples each September to make pies, applesauce and jelly. It can take a long time to clean every apple, so I had researched different ways to wash them.   Here are my favorite chemical free, all natural ways to clean apples and any hard skinned produce.

Lemon Juice 

4 cups of hot water

3 tablespoons baking soda

¼ cup of lemon juice (bottled or fresh squeezed)

Mix together , dip each apple in using your hand to rub the film off, rinse with cold water and dry.


1 tablespoon Heinz White Vinegar, Plastic, 64 oz

1 tablespoon baking soda

4 cups of hot water

Let it sit until major fizzing stops,  dip your apple, use your hand to wash.  Rinse with cold water and dry.

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Make your own veggie wash:

fill a clean spray bottle with half hydrogen peroxide, half water.

Mist your apples, rub clean, rinse and dry.

Dawn Dish Soap

Dawn is safe enough to clean a yucky, greasy film off of little animals!

1 drop of Dawn Dish Soap

half sink full of hot water

Swish it around, add your apples , rub clean with your hands. Rinse with cold water and dry.

The Old Fashioned Way

If none of the above suit you,  rub the apple on your shirt until shiny!  Hey, it is chemical free.

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  1. I've always just given my apples a quick rinse. I will try this method in the futer 🙂

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