The Easiest Quiche Recipe Ever Plus 4 Variations!

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The Easiest Quiche Recipe Ever Plus 4 Variations!

The Easiest Quiche Recipe Ever Plus 4 Variations!

Quiche is an egg based pie that is traditionally made with Swiss cheese. I am not a fan of Swiss cheese so I have always used Cheddars or Greek Feta.  Quiche is one of those warm, comfort foods that can be made with so many different ingredients, but the great thing is the basic recipe is always the same. Eggs. Cream(Or Milk). Cheese. Pie Crust.

It is simple with a quick prep time and can easily feed 6.  Great for breakfast, lunch or dinner! I remember when my mom use to make it on Christmas morning for brunch. We would get up really early to open presents and after all was said and done, sit down to enjoy the Quiche. It is a tradition that we now share with my girls!

Below is my basic recipe for Quiche with Bacon & Cheddar. Underneath the printable recipe is variations that include Spinach & Feta, Western style, Ham & Cheese.


The Easiest Quiche Recipe Ever Plus 4 Variations!
The Easiest Quiche Recipe. This recipe is my basic recipe including crispy bacon and cheddar. You can use this recipe for a base and add any additional ingredients you wish just like you would with an omelette.
  • Basic Recipe:
  • 6 Large Eggs
  • 1½ Cups of Cream or Milk ( I use what I have on hand)
  • 1 Store bought (or your own) DEEP DISH pie crust NOTE******** IF NOT USING DEEP DISH US 3 EGGS, 4 DEPENDING ON WHAT SIZE EGGS.
  • Bacon Cheddar:
  • 1 lb cooked, chopped crispy bacon
  • 1 Cup Shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper is optional. I leave it out because the bacon is salty enough.
  1. Pre Heat the oven to 375
  2. If not already done, then cut the bacon and fry until crispy. TIP- it is much easier to cut the bacon into small pieces if it is partially frozen.
  3. Wisk the eggs and milk together in a large bowl
  4. Lay the pie crust out into a 9" pie plate
  5. Drain the bacon grease, blot with paper towels
  6. Shred cheese if necessary ( I only had a block, you can buy shredded)
  7. Add half of the bacon and half of the cheese to the egg mix. Stir well.
  8. Pour into pie crust
  9. Bake on 375 for 20 mins. Add remaining bacon and cheese evenly over the top and continue baking for 20-25 mins. (Time may vary)
  10. Quiche is down when golden brown and raised significantly. If you are uncertain, then you can test like you would a cake.
  11. Let the Quiche set for about 10 minutes. It will fall, no worries it is suppose to.
  12. Cut & Serve!

Recipe Variations


Spinach & Feta-  1 Cup of thawed and drained frozen cut spinach, 1/4 lb of feta cheese broken into crumbles. Mix into the egg mixture, pour into pie crust.

Western Style-  1 Cup total of mixed diced onion, green pepper and red peppers.  1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese ( Or Pepper Jack for some spice), 1 Cup cooked crumbled breakfast sausage (no casing, like the Jimmy Dean roll). Add all ingredients to the egg mixture. Proceed as above.

Ham & Cheese- Purchase a 1/2 lb thick cut piece of your favorite ham from the deli. Dice into cubes.  Add to egg mixture with 1 Cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese.

Have a Quiche recipe variation you like? Let us know, we will add it and mention you! 

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37 thoughts on “The Easiest Quiche Recipe Ever Plus 4 Variations!

  1. I use this same recipe. One of my favorite variations is Italian sausage and peppers. 1 c cooked sweet Italian sausage (no casing) 1c mixed diced green peppers and onions.

  2. This looks great! Can you make this ahead and leave in the frig over night? If so, how do you adjust baking times? Thank you!!

  3. Wonderful breakfast idea! Thank you for sharing :) It contains bacon so my husband is going to love it!

  4. I make several at a time, bake and freeze. can’t tell the difference

  5. I love quiche! We also had the tradition of eating it on Christmas after opening presents (with egg nog to boot!) – yum yum yum!

  6. I was on the hunt for an easy breakfast option when I came across your pin on pinterest. Quiche is now in the oven & I added your post to Stumbleupon because it was too good not to share & it was already on Pinterest :-)

  7. Back to make this for the second time! YUM! :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. I don’t know if I missed it, but is the crust pre-baked or not? Thanks.

  9. Love this recipe! I see so many people post about the trouble cutting bacon…….fry it whole and then crumble! Never fool with uncooked bacon, even if it is frozen. Ain’t nobody got time for that LOL

  10. I purchased a frozen pie crust, should I thaw it first?

  11. I make this at home a lot for my hubby ans two year old. We are currently at the beach and I am getting ready to make it for the whole house full of vacationers. I add green pepper, diced tomatoes, and usually onion (no onion this time because I am nursing a two month old and onions upset his tummy- boo!). Wish me luck!

  12. I plan to use up the zucchini from the garden. Two quiches in making today, one for meals, one to freeze.
    Zucchini Parmesan: 1 cup zucchini rounds sliced thin and add 1/2 – 3/4 cup Parmesan

  13. Great recipe and so easy to make GF/DF. We like mushrooms, peppers & turkey sausage in ours! Thanks.

  14. This was my first quiche attempt, and it was an incredible success! I added diced ham and thawed chopped spinach. I’m in grad school and no Martha Stewart… my husband said this is his favorite thing I’ve ever cooked for him and he wants it every week. Thanks so much for this recipe!!!

  15. Cut your bacon with kitchen scissors! Super easy! Thx for the easy recipe :)

  16. i’m planning on using cooked John souls chicken fajita meat with red,green,orange peppers , onion, and mushrooms. Peter jack cheese. Question is do you cook veggies before adding or just throw them in raw?

  17. I was trying to decide between this recipe and Julia Child’s recipe…the only difference I see is she uses 3 eggs and you use 6. Have you tried hers, and is there a difference in texture, or does this make a much more full quiche? I am on a mission to save money this year, and if I can get the kids on board with what is basically egg pie (lol) this is a super super economical dinner!

  18. Quiche Lorraine is bacon and Swiss cheese with some cayenne pepper added for tang. :-) I usually add a squirt of mustard as well.

  19. Hello!

    I’m making this for a girls breakfast Friday morning! Could it be made without the crust?

    • Sorry for the late response ! Yes you can make this without the crust, at that point it is just considered a Fritatta of sorts :)

  20. I will be using a basic frozen 9 inch crust. I see where you have said there is no need to thaw which is great. What I did also see is that you said you use 6 eggs for a deep dish. Since mine are not how many eggs do you suggest I use? Thanks for the recipe. I will be making them tomorrow for my moms office lunch.

  21. My pie crusts were not deep dish as well and I used 4 eggs. Turned out great! Made cheddar bacon and spinach mozzarella. Didn’t think of feta! Will have to try that next time as well as the zucchini parm. My family also likes ham and the chipotle gouda we get at our local deli or ham cheese and broccoli!

  22. My favorite variation includes sauteed asparagus (EVOO + garlic + s&p), cooked bacon and cheddar or swiss cheese. Delish! Even my picky husband enjoys it!

  23. I make your same recipe, but I also add artichoke hearts and broccoli florets as well as the eggs, milk, bacon and cheddar cheese, and sometimes minced garlic and/or Mrs. Dash for a more spicy flavor. I alternate between a pie dish, square dish, oblong, deep dish, deep muffin tin or my 12″ cast iron fry pan, depends on my mood. LOL.

  24. if not using a deep dish pie crust and only 4 eggs, do I need to adjust the amount of milk (or cream)?

    • I do reduce it by half. Then I just eyeball it and add a little more if needed. Some eggs are a lot more … what is the word, gooey LOL thank others. What I mean is the white doesn’t whisk up easily and stays thick. So I add a touch more milk.

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