Keto Diet Plan- Get Into Ketosis Fast

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We encourage you to READ all of this article instead of skipping to the graphic. Get into ketosis fast to start reaping the fat burning weight loss benefits with this FREE keto diet plan menu.  Provided is 7 days of easy meals and snacks to help cut cravings and ease keto flu. There is NO download required, the graphic is a file to save as image for printing. It is simple! Enjoy!

keto diet menu plan

Keto Diet Plan

Get Into Ketosis Fast! 

One of the hardest parts of switching to the keto way of eating is figuring out what to eat and following/calculating macros. Our keto diet plan will help make that easy. Calculating Macros can be confusing and discouraging, causing beginners to get frustrated and give up before they start. I have personally seen this struggle many times.

Keto Menu Plan

There are a lot of keto diet meal plans out there, so we had an experienced keto chef put together a simple meal plan for you that is different from the rest. Do not over think this, simply make the food items listed below and eat.  DON'T calculate macros to start keto. Fear not, you heard correctly.  I repeat, no calculating macros. Just follow the plan and do not cheat. Absolutely no grains, pasta, breads, baked goods etc. Eat what is on the menu below to quickly maximize chances of ketosis fast to burn fat for fuel.

How to Get Into Ketosis Fast

This FREE keto diet menu plan is perfect for the beginner just starting out. We kept it simple and possible. Even if you don't cook you can do this! The most common average keto macros is around 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs. The keto plan below was formulated by those macros.

Once this week is up, we can not guarantee you will be in ketosis, however this keto plan is optimized to use fat for weight loss and is based off the most common strict keto foods.

What is Ketosis?

I'm going to keep it very simple here, because we are not doctors. Here is our basic understanding and explanation.

Ketosis is the medical term used to describe the state at which your body is forced into burning fat for fuel rather than carbs. The idea is that eating more fat adapts your body to burn the fat you have eaten and the excess fat your body is storing.

A "normal" diet of high carbs can cause weight gain when unused carbs are converted to sugar then stored as fat.  The reason it is so easy to "get kicked out of ketosis", a term heard often, is because the body wants to run off carbs first. Therefore, eating more than a certain amount of carb grams daily (usually higher than 40-50) will tell your body to go back to carbs for fuel, not fat. It is actually very easy to understand, there is just unfortunately so much mis-information out there now.

Fat for Weight Loss

The first 7 days, Never mind counting the carb grams or logging anything into an app. Follow this keto diet menu plan for fast keto adaption that will have you effortlessly burning fat for weight loss.

This keto plan is 7 days, However, you can also feel free to continue this same same keto diet plan program the following week. Hunger cravings usually start to disappear after a few days making it easier to continue eating the keto way successfully.  Ultimately letting you make your own meal plan for the future at which point you can use a keto calculator to get your macros and daily carb amount.

What is Keto Flu?

Again, we are not doctors, but will provide a simple explanation. Keto flu is a term often used by those who follow the keto diet. In the beginning as the body becomes fat adapted flu like symptoms may occur. Headache, dizziness, fatigue, constipation and bloating to name a few. The time frame varies, but most see these symptoms subside about 2-3 weeks after being in ketosis.

Get the Keto Plan

Click the photo below to save your FREE PDF Version. Link opens in a new window.  OR simply right click and save the photo.

Don't forget to save these keto recipes for when you are making your own keto diet menu! Best of luck and reach out with questions.

Amazing Keto Recipes

Eat this keto menu plan for 7 days to get into ketosis fast. No games, no Gimmicks. It works! 

Save this page to reference back to, many people use it when they have cheated on their keto diet and get knocked out of ketosis. This quick meal plan will get you back on track.

keto diet menu plan

Click the Menu to Save As Image or PDF

We have provided this simple keto diet plan as a guide to help you get into ketosis fast, however each person is different. Because how your body switches into ketosis and when, we can not guarantee you will be in ketosis and burning fat for weight low only after eating this keto plan for a week.  Additionally, It is a simple general guide that follows the standard way of eating to get into ketosis.

No sign up or registration is required. Because the graphic above (teal in color) can be save as an image or PDF file it is printable too. Stick it to your fridge, inside a locker or leave it right on the counter!

how to get into ketosis graphic.

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    • I think intermittent fasting is great if you have "stalled" or want to shake things up! That is the short answer. Maybe we will write on it soon.

  1. This is a fantastic meal plan , it looks hard to read but printed out was great. I have been eating keto for a month and this keto diet plan helped a lot thank you

    • He Bev, YES So sorry for that, when we get a chance we plan to update it! Thank you so much


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