19 Homemade Kids Can Make

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19 Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make. It means so much to have a homemade gift given to you, there is just something extra special about it.

Homemade Gifts

Homemade Gifts That Kids Can Make

There is no mistaken that Homemade Gifts made by kids are something extra special. Who wouldn't want to receive a homemade keepsake gift like one of these:

Sandpaper Hand Towels-   you have to see these!

Photo Frame-  such a cute keepsake

Paper Mache Bowls-  paper mache is fun and something the kids can use for all sorts of projects

Bath Bombs-  relaxing homemade gift,  yes please

Handprint Apron - make a mommy and me apron!

Leaf Bowls-  get the kids outside to explore nature and make these leaf bowls

Rubbing Alcohol Bookmarks-  such a great technique ,  I love this! Used this on a canvas for a larger print.

Bead Bowl-   Yummy,  bread.

Knitting rug-  show off your talents to gramma

Beaded Napkin Rings- so crafty,  these can be made in a variety of colors and styles.

homemade gifts kids can make.

More Homemade Gifts for kids to make:

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