How To Pit Cherries - 3 Ways

Cherry season is in full swing! Here we show you how to pit cherries 3 different ways.

how to pit cherries 3 different ways.

 How To Pit Cherries - 3 Ways

It is always so easy to tell when cherry season is at it's peak. All of a sudden the $4.99lb fruit is at $1.99lb or less. In order to take full advantage of this amazing price, we need to have a lot of ideas up our sleeve.  Cherry pie is always top of the list with jam next and then whatever other goodies we can think of that freeze well. We even dehydrate cherries or use in cookies, granola bars and more throughout the winter.

how to pit cherries

The problem with buying fresh-  How to pit cherries quickly

The biggest issue with buying pounds and pounds of cherries to stock up is that they all need to have pits removed before using.  It can take a lot of time so finding little tricks that would help us get through these quickly was a must. Here are the 3 methods we use for removing cherry pits:

  1. Straw and Twist- like taking the tops off of strawberries, we also use the straw method for cherries. We find that a large, thick, straw like one used for large cups from Dunkin Donuts works best. Remove the stem and simple push the straw through the cherry giving it a slight twist back and forth.
  2. Chopstick and Push- insert the pointy end of a chopstick through the cherry where the stem was. Give a gentle, but firm push until the pit pops out the back side.
  3. Apple corer-  Ok so this one is going to seem a little crazy, but I swear it works and I will get a picture the next time we do this.  Our apple peeler, corer, slicer has a removable peeler blade. I take that off and put a cherry on the spike. Turn the handle as if I was moving an apple down to the corer,  the cherry will sit against the hole of the corer and when I keep turning the spike pushes through the cherry and out comes the pit!
  4. cherry cheesecake danish

If all else fails or I am being really lazy I simply cut the cherry on each side, top and bottom and discard the pit. Though not as pretty, it works for a quick fix!

How do you remove your cherry pits?

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how to pit cherries

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