8 Creative Ways To Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds

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Drink a lot of coffee? Don't let those grounds go to waste, they can be valuable! Here is some great ways to Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds.

Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds

8 Creative Ways To Repurpose Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee drinkers that make coffee every day ,   this is for you!  I already use my grounds for a few of these, but I am anxious to try some of the others.  I love the body scrub.  Very interested in checking out coffee grounds as a self tanner. I wonder if it would help with cellulite also because of the caffeine? Not exactly something I would have thought of , but will try!

Treasure Rocks

Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Cellulite-Fighting Coffee Body Scrub

Sugar Scrub with Coffee Ground & Olive Oil

Black "Sand" Scrub

7 Uses for Leftover Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds Self Tanner

Coffee Cup Candle

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