Easy DIY Spooky Ghost Walkway Decorations

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These are so easy to make and you probably already have all of the materials! DIY Spooky Ghost walkway decorations are sure to scare your visitors!

DIY Spooky Ghost

 How To Make Spooky Ghost Walkway Decorations

These cute and spooky ghosts are easy to make, inexpensive and will make a great addition to your Halloween decor.  To make them, simple follow the instructions below :


What you need : 

  • Determine how many you want to make,  gather sticks at least 2 ft long and an inch around from your yard or use inexpensive dowels from the craft store.
  • Find an old sheet from a thrift store, yard sale or such
  • Cotton batting ( or use your imagination , use bunched up plastic bags, newspaper, leaves etc)
  • Black marker or paint
  • Twine (you can use what you want, string, elastic etc)

What to do :

  1. Cut the sheet into 12 inch squares  (depending on the size of your ghosts, ours were bigger)
  2. Ball up your batting or newspaper and place it in the center
  3. Gather the sheet around the ball and tie loosely with the twine
  4. Make your ghost face with the marker
  5. Cut the bottom of the sheets to fray them and make them look ripped
  6. Bang the wood pieces you are using as stakes into the ground where you want them to go
  7. Slip the head of the ghost onto the stake,  tighten up the twine if needed

That is it!   The ghosts you see in the picture above have been through 3 Halloweens.  Each year we just pack up the ghost and burn the sticks in our bonfire.  We find new sticks the next year.  They cost us nothing because we basically made them out of materials we had around the house already.

DIY Spooky Ghost walkway decorations are sure to scare your visitors!

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2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Spooky Ghost Walkway Decorations”

  1. What a cute idea. I will be making these this Halloween. Nice to be able to make decorations with things you already have around the house. Thanks.

  2. With Halloween right around the corner (OMGosh! really?), this is a good post to read. You have a good "ghostly" suggestion, and it seems simple enough, even for an amateur like me! Thanks for the post!


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