Easy Kid's Handprint Keepsake Craft Makes A Great Gift

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Easy Kid's Handprint Keepsake Craft Makes A Great Gift

Easy Kid's Handprint Keepsake Craft Makes A Great Gift

We just pulled our Christmas decorations out of storage and found this!  My daughter made this keepsake gift at school in 2009 and we  hang it up every season.  It is so cute and such a good idea that I wanted to share. I think it would make an amazing gift, especially for grandparents! You may bring a little tear to their eye with this one.

What you need 

  • Red, White &  Blue Construction Paper
  • Child friendly scissors
  • White non toxic craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • White school glue
  • Marker
  • Laminate Sheets (optional )

What to do 

  1. Cut a large heart shape out of the red paper
  2. Trace your child's hands onto a scrap piece of paper (for sizing purposes)
  3. Use that scrap piece of paper as a guide to cut 2 mitten shapes from the blue paper, right & left.
  4. Paint your child's palm with the white paint
  5. Have him/her press down firmly onto the mitten shape, allow to dry
  6. Cut a strip of white paper to act as the mitten cuff , glue onto the mittens,  if not laminating I would also glue cotton balls on it!
  7. Glue the mittens onto the heart as seen above
  8. Write your child's name and the date ,  add our quote or make up your own !

Tip* if laminating, use the self laminating peel and stick sheets.  They are much easier and more readily available than a machine.  Trim the edges and Voila !   Instant Keepsake gift!

If you make one I would love to see pictures.  Feel free to post on our Facebook page any time!