19 Sensory Play Activities For Kids

Sensory Play Activities for kids of all ages.

Sensory Play Activities


19 Sensory Play Activities For Kids

Get your child's mind working and heighten their senses with these great activities! We made the Homemade Rubbery Goob and absolutely love it. I myself could not stop touching and squishing it.

Sensory Play Activities:

Get your child's mind and senses going full force with these amazing sensory play activities.

Homemade Rubbery Goob

Exploring marshmallows with 5 senses

Rainbow Sensory play

Sparkles, flowers and Fairies Sensory Tub

Primary Colors Squishy Bag

Sensory activity with pasta

Goop and Flower cupcakes

Edible Indoor Sandbox

Rice Cereal Sensory tray

Bucket of Colorful Spaghetti Worms

Fruity Cheerios activity

Ice Sensory

Paint with Spaghetti Brooms

Play Dough Construction Site

Edible Finger Paint

treasure Box

Marbled Oobleck

Spaghetti Potion

Sparkle Soap Mud

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