How To Preserve Tomatoes From Your Garden

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It is almost time to start picking all those lush, red tomatoes from the garden. Make sure you preserve tomatoes correctly so you can enjoy them all year long, here is how.

how to Preserve Tomatoes

How To Preserve Tomatoes From Your Garden

Ever had a garden do absolutely amazing and then wonder, what do I do with all of these?  It happened to me.  I started wondering how to preserve tomatoes from the garden so they did not go bad.

What happened was, during my spring blogging break-  we dug , by hand, two bigger gardens and made a raised bed.  I wanted to experiment with a soil free mix and using a raised bed compared to traditional rows in a dug garden.  Anyways, it has gone really well. Everything is huge and has been producing like crazy!  We have more tomatoes than I ever imagined.  Cherry tomatoes, hybrid tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, sauce tomatoes, paste tomatoes,  can you even believe that there are thousands of different types of tomatoes out there.

Preserve Tomatoes

The bottom line,  we just can not eat all these tomatoes fresh, so we needed to figure out how to can or preserve the tomatoes.We planted a lot earlier than usual so we have had all kinds of veggies since like June.  Tomatoes have been pouring out all over the place !

I was beyond excited when I found this tutorial online.  I have canned beets and made my own pickles,  but I have never preserved my tomatoes and it made me a tad bit nervous.  You know, there is this little thing called botulism that is not such a little thing.  Since botulism is odorless, tasteless and can not be seen, taking care to preserve your vegetables properly with the canning process is extremely important.

Check out these tips on How To Can Tomatoes  the right way.

How To Preserve Tomatoes From Your Garden

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  1. Thank you for sharing! We are starting to produce a ton of tomato's this year and I've been wondering what to do with them all.

    • You can also make salsa ! Buy a packet of Mrs. Wages "Create Salsa" , for about $3. It makes 5 pints. It is SO simple. All you do is chop your tomatoes, the packet says to boil and peel skin, but I don't. The skin breaks down enough. Cook your tomatoes with the salsa packet and a little vinegar according to packet instructions then process your jars. 5 pints of delicious homemade salsa for $3 🙂

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