30 Of The Cutest Handmade Ornaments Ever!

30 Of The Cutest Handmade Ornaments Ever!

30 Of The Cutest Handmade Ornaments Ever!

Nothing is more special than a Handmade personal ornament hanging on your tree or in your home as a decoration. Below are 30 of the cutest handmade ornaments ever. I have made some of these and could make these all year long. I have become obsessed with making our own ornaments and will have quite the collection!

I remember the first handmade ornament I made with my daughter back in about 2001.  We made a homemade plaster of paris mix and used molds, then painted them. I still have some of them, though a few have gotten broken over the years. I think this year I am going to concentrate on making some of the glitter bulbs you will find listed below. I love the look of "stuff" inside those clear plastic bulbs.  I am thinking this year I would like to have just glitter bulbs and clear lights.  Can you imagine how much that would sparkle! It is almost as if I can see it already. Now let me go convince hubby we are doing it.

Let me know which ones are your favorites or if you have some of your own!

Have fun!

  1. Wine Cork Rudolph Ornament
  2. Glitter Framed Ornaments 
  3. Glitter Bulbs
  4. Melted Snowman Bulb
  5. Snowy Wonderland Christmas Bulb
  6. Painted Flat Marble 
  7. Button Candy Canes 
  8. Family Tree Ornaments 
  9. Bottle Cap Reindeer
  10. Corkboard Ornaments
  11. Burlap Mason Jar Ornaments 
  12. Antiqued Canning Lid Snowman 
  13. Vintage Crackled Cherub 
  14. Jumbo Vintage Snowman 
  15. Corrugated Cardboard Snowman 
  16. Rustic Northwoods Bear Moose Ornaments 
  17. Easy Santa Belly Bulb
  18. Light Bulb Snowman 
  19. Light Bulb Penguin
  20. Light Bulb Angel 
  21. Candy Cane Reindeer
  22. Smarties Garland 
  23. DIY Christmas Ornaments , Kids Craft
  24. Bust My Buttons! DIY Button Wreath
  25. Photo Ornament , very cool !
  26. Paper Curl Ornament 
  27. DIY Family Christmas Ornament
  28. DIY Spruce Up Your Ornaments 
  29. Deer head Ornament 
  30. The Stache Christmas Ornament 

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10 thoughts on “30 Of The Cutest Handmade Ornaments Ever!”

  1. This a great collection of DIY ornaments! 🙂 Thank you so much for including my Wine Cork Rudolph Ornament!
    Pinned & sharing.

  2. Glad you posted this...just bought a bunch of bulbs (glass & plastic) yesterday and am looking forward to trying a few of these...especially the glitter bulbs!!! (-: will let you know how they come out...p.s. and I think all glitter bulbs would be very pretty!


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