Ways To Make Money Online You May Not Have Thought Of

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Ways To Make Money Online You May Not Have Thought Of

Ways To Make Money Online

You May Not Have Thought Of

Make Money Online

Many families are living paycheck to paycheck and they want to know how they can legitimately make money online. The problem is there is a lot of scams out there. Companies flat out lie to get you to sign up and then they never follow through; So we are providing you with some tried and true ways to make money online you may not have thought of.

 Now, of course we are going to mention the surveys and those type of companies.  There is a reason all articles you read about how to make money online mention them, they DO work. You are not going to get rich over night, you will make a good chunk of extra change and these are legit.  


The following are just a handful of options for making some extra cash online:

  1.  Watch videos, play games and use their search to earn money with sites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars. I personally use Swagbucks and have cashed out numerous times. It is very easy , not like most sites where you have to earn SO much before cashing out. Swagbucks is very easily achievable.
  2. Sign up for online survey sites.  If you are online anyways why not answer a few questions that will earn you some money?  The format is easy and you can actually earn up to $10 an hour doing this with the right company.  Top recommended survey sites .
  3. Start a review blog.  Starting a blog is easier than you think.  You can have it up and running within 2 days. Then start pitching companies. Not only do they send products to review, but some pay per post also!  We have everything you need to start your blog today for , average start up cost is $15 (this pays for your domain name and web hosting) $4 a month after that!  Pennies compared to what you can be making with a blog.

how to create a successful blog       5.  Self-Publish a how-to or tutorial type Kindle eBook, you can publish books on Kindle for free and even use a site like CreateSpace to further this idea as a means to self-publish your first novel. Launching a free eBook can lead to companies contacting you for advertising space in your next eBook or bigger ventures!

6.  If you are already a blogger, but you are not making a lot of money yet try offering services to other bloggers.  We make great money with our blog and also have some amazing clients we work with.  You would be amazed at how much you can make.

7. Make a Facebook page,  grow your followers ,  share great recipes, crafts and funny memes. You will have a huge following in no time.  How do you make money from this?  Contact other websites and bloggers (you do not need to be a blogger to do this)  offer sponsored shares.  This means you will share their posts to your Facebook followers for a predetermined amount of money.  I know Facebook page owners with 200,000 followers that make $100 a week doing this.

8.  Sell on sites like Ebay and Craigslist -  using the internet to shop is a huge trend and continues to grow bigger every day .  If you have extra stuff to get rid, DON'T hold that garage sale just yet.  Post the stuff for sale online! You are more likely to get top dollar than at the yard sale.

9.  Like taking photos?  Sites that sell stock images are looking for you.  Get out and start taking photos, create a portfolio and then submit them to sites that contract photographers.  The way most sites work is that you are paid a royalty every time your photo is purchased. It can add up FAST!

While each of the above options will assist you in making money online, they won’t all make you millions fast. Many people who make money online have multiple programs and sources they use, that when combined together make a pretty decent extra household income. No matter what your goal is for making money online, the above options are perfect suggestions for you to start making life just a bit financially easier.