Save Money On Travel- Tips, Video and More

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Save Money On Travel

Tips, Video and More

You can save money on travel with these simple tips, whether you are planning to fly away somewhere or take a road trip, you can save money and today we will share some fun money saving travel tips so that you can travel within budget.

  • Purchase Airline Tickets in Advance – Simple, plan ahead and purchase your tickets in advance. Look at a variety of options with connecting flights and ways you can pack lighter to save money on flight prices. There are many discount sites online that can save you a boat load of money and assist in helping you plan the round-trip flight to get the most for your money. 
  • New Clothing – A lot of people think they need to buy a whole new wardrobe before a vacation. Skip It!! You will see once you get to where you are going everyone is dressed down more than you think.  Chances are your normal, existing outfits will fit in just fine. 
  • Cook for Yourself – when traveling pack food to bring along, this will save you costs when it’s meal and snack time while traveling. Plan the right food based on your travel and nutritional needs to ensure you won’t spend cash on food supplies. Pack lots of snacks! Don't allow yourself to get hungry.  If exploring new places to eat is part of your love for travel, work it into your itinerary and keep it to a minimum.   
  • Car Rental Savings – when renting a car for travel try to go with the smallest car option possible to save on costs. In addition make sure to fill that rental car up with regular unleaded, as that’s what most rental companies fill it with anyway. This will save on gas costs.
  • Bring Cash not Credit – learn to pack spending cash instead of relying solely on debit or credit cards, this will cut your spending costs down tremendously. When you learn to use cash while traveling, it sets you within a budget and encourages you to save when traveling.
  • Accommodations – check out rental options direct from home owners, some locations have owners who do nothing but rent out their home for people visiting. When traveling you can save a lot of money by renting someone’s home versus spending cash on big hotel chains. 
  • Plan your Drive – if you are traveling by car, plan out the route ahead of time to ensure you are saving the most on gas prices. When you plan your drive out so that the route is shortest route possible, you in turn save a lot of money on wear and tear as well as gas.

Whatever you are planning to do for traveling this Summer, be certain to follow these simple tips to save money when traveling. There are many corners to cut as a means to stay within budget while traveling; from savings on gas to rental cars to accommodations and food, if you use these money saving travel tips you will be sure to enjoy your trip without the financial stress.

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  1. I added 2 new pieces for my upcoming trip and it made a huge different- a whole new wardrobe would have been insane! Great tips to save!

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