How To Plan Your Holiday Parties In 15 Minutes Plus Free Printables

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How To Plan Your Holiday Parties In 15 Minutes Plus Free Printables

I never use to be much of a party person until I finally got a handle on planning and organizing our parties.  I was always afraid that I would forget something that would create a huge embarrassing fail.  Finally I was presented with a situation where I had to plan a party whether I wanted to or not.  So, I set out to make sure that not only was my party well planned and organized, but that my organizing was organized, make sense?

The first thing I did was the obvious,  sat down and made a list.   My list included the basics, people to invite, list of supplies, food, drinks and who I could enlist to help.  After I started shopping and sending out invitations it all began to come together and was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.   The basic procedure I followed will work for any party you have to plan, just customize it to fit your needs.   Don't forget to take advantage of our Free printable checklists and planners!

How To Plan Your Holiday Parties In 15 Minutes

  • Decide on a date and stick to it , if you want to add a rain date that is fine, but what you choose, stick to. This is less stressful and will not lead to last minute issues. Make sure to choose a time frame if necessary, example. a child's birthday would usually be something like 1pm-3pm.  If this is a dinner party for the holidays or any other occasion choose a "Dinner at ___" time.


  • Make your invitation list,  choose your invitations and send them out !  A huge mistake people make and then they wonder why no one shows up to their party is that they wait till the last minute.  I suggest months in advance for Holiday parties as people usually have a ton of different parties to add to their schedule.


  • Plan a Menu and again, stick to it.  Your setting yourself up for a big headache if you change things a long the way.  A huge tip to keep in mind is watching out for foods that are common allergens. Try to keep items like nuts out of dishes unless you know for sure no one is allergic.  Also, go easy on the salt when cooking, add extra shakers to the table instead!


  • Plan Your Space , where you will have the party, what room will be the main entertaining area and if you need additional seating or things such as a coat rack.  Take a good look at your room and make note of  the flow, will guests be able to move about easily without bumping furniture and such.


  • Follow Up And Follow Through,  make sure to add an RSVP to your invitations.  If you find that you are not hearing back from people, check in with them and do it in a timely manner.  Remember you have food and drinks to plan, you will need to know how many people are coming.


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  1. Thanks for the tips! It really sums up what needs to be done and makes it a less-stressful prospect.

  2. I would sure like to be able to do that.. I am always so disorganized so sure this would fix all my problems.

  3. Thanks for the advice, I always turn planning a party into a month long process!

  4. Great party planning tips and ideas. These will be very useful this holiday season.

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