Our Favorite Quick & Easy Halloween Cookies

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Our Favorite Quick & Easy Halloween Cookies

Our Favorite Quick & Easy Halloween Cookies

Who doesn't love Halloween cookies? Or  ANY cookie for that matter !!

It is almost time to make Halloween cookies, decorations and all the fun stuff . We have already started to plan out our fall fun.  I have to admit I have kind of been looking forward to it since,  oh I don't know,  since July !   As much as I love summer, fall is my favorite.

Whether you are planning a Halloween party for kids, adults or just want something cute to take to your co-workers, these recipes are perfect.  They are quick and easy, which we love and will have everyone talking. So let's get down to the cookie business.    My favorite cookie recipes for Halloween are listed below, so let the baking begin!

Oreos,   um yes please !  Spooky or not, I want them . Spooky Oreo Halloween Cookies

Monster cookie pops,  monster in size or  scary?  Find out here Monster Cookie Pops

If you do not like the candy corn candy, I bet you will like these cookies! Candy Corn Cookies 

Ok you had me at chocolate and coconut.  I mean really...  Chocolate Coconut Dessert Bars

Eeeeeekkkk!  Creepy, crawly, spiders ! No, I am kidding... there are actually pretty adorable! Spider Web Cookies

My fortune says ...   you will not be tricked , but rather treated to these Halloween Fortune Cookies


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  1. This is such an awesome list of Halloween Cookie Recipes! Thanks so much for linking up on The Mommy-Files. 🙂

  2. My kids and I adore making cookies at all the holidays - Halloween included! There are so many fun things to do to create an adorable look, a new recipe and fun decorations on top to make them just pop-out and scream "eat me!" lol! Thanks for all the great ideas! I can't wait to use them with my 6 yr old daughter.

  3. This is so really cute ideas!! My daughter will love to make these cookies!! GREAT ideas for kids!!

  4. I've been looking for some cute Halloween recipes for the all the potlucks coming up! Thanks.

  5. Love this time of year, I'm always on the lookout for Halloween recipes. Thank you!

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