Our Favorite Cooking Websites Posting Viral Food Videos

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Our Favorite Cooking Websites Posting Viral Food Videos

Our Favorite Cooking Websites Posting Viral Food Videos

Viral Food Videos It is no secret, recipe and cooking video tutorials are trending hot right now. I think they have always existed and there has been a great audience for them, but with the way Facebook is set up (unless you are mobile) the video plays automatically, it has helped the craze to boom.  If you are scrolling through your Facebook page, all of a sudden you are met with two hands mixing cheese into cream and adding macaroni, then putting it into muffin tins.  They make it look so easy, AND delicious.  We are hooked.

If you are one of the many who have become hooked on food videos, whether on Facebook or any other social media you will want to check out the sites below.  We have compiled a list of our favorite websites that provide amazing food videos.

CookingChannelTV-    this site is hard to compete with.  There are quick videos, long videos, seasons, episodes, live tv and so much more.  You may want to visit some of the sites listed below first, because you may just get sidetracked on Cooking Channel and forget about the others.  Oops!

Buzzfeed Tasty-  if you use the internet , you have seen a Tasty video. The most popular site on social media for recipe video tutorials.

Proper Tasty-  a sister to Buzzfeed's Tasty.  Some absolutely unique recipe creations happen here!

Tip Hero-    Offering more than just recipe videos, Tip Hero holds true to their name providing tips and more!

iFood.tv-    iFood.tv has a HUGE collection of recipes, something like over 150,000.  The site includes thousands of videos and food from all over the world.

Foodtube.net   that is right!   Foodtube.  Need I say more...

Start Cooking- One of my favorites !  I just love this site and how it is set up.  The site is easy to navigate, offers a huge variety of information outside of just videos and is great for the newest to most experienced cook.

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