How To Video: Make A Self Watering Container Garden

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How To Video: Make A Self Watering Container Garden

How To Make A Self Watering Container Garden

This is one of the easiest creative ways I have seen to make a self watering container garden.  Some of you may already have an old kiddie pool hanging around. If you don't,  I am certain you can find one at any garage/yard sale. There are many perks to a container garden and even more so if it is self watering.

A few of the top Pros:

  • Space saver
  • Less Fertilizer
  • Can be left for days without worry

This process uses fabric reusable shopping totes and a kiddie pool. You can use the soil mix from the video or make your own inexpensive Miracle Grow like soil free potting mix from  my recipe  here Homemade Potting Mix.

Soil free mixes work best for container gardens because they allow air to flow freely, help distribute water and will not get compact. When you use certain soil mixes in a container they become hard and constrict roots ultimately restricting growth.

There is a lot to remember and learn when it comes to gardening so if you can take a little stress off yourself, do it. The perfect place to start is with the watering.  I have been doing this for years and I still question myself when it comes to watering. Did I use enough? Did I use too much? It just rained, but did it get deep enough? Though most plants will tell you when they need water, it can be pretty nerve racking.  Self watering is the way to go.

This video will show you how to set up a self watering container garden in no time at all. This will save you space, time and a lot of headaches!   Enjoy and let us know if you make one!