Introduction To PicMonkey Free Online Photo Editing Program

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Introduction To PicMonkey Free Online Photo Editing Program

Have you ever wished there was a simple, easy to use photo editing program that offers a great selection of edits? Well, that is PicMonkey!  The best thing I have ever found free online, is this program. I own and operate 3 websites so photos are a huge part of my business. I wasted so much time playing around with multiple editors that never worked right. On top of it, I do not have the time to learn Photoshop or Gimp.  So, I was extremely excited to find PicMonkey.  You will not find an easier program to use that offers so many edits.  PicMonkey does offer a paid option which is very inexpensive and well worth it.  Don't tell them , but I would pay double what they charge  ,  shhh...

PicMonkey Basics : 

Introduction To PicMonkey Free Online Photo Editing Program

Using the picture above,  see the icons on the left hand side next to where it says "Crop, Edit" etc ?

This is what they mean -

1. The one that looks like a diamond shape will give you the edits that are showing now, crop, resize, etc.

2. Magic wand - has a huge list of edits that will change the color, hue, zoom, focal, distort, and SO MANY. Spend a lot of time in here playing.

3.  Lipstick icon-  again, a huge list, these are your "beauty" edits. They include such things as weight loss, nip tuck, airbrush, wrinkle remover, shine reduce, add blush, add lip tint, eyeliner, all kinds of stuff. It will blow your mind.  My tip here, think outside the box, I have used these for edits that do not have anything to do with photos of people.

4. Tt icon -  this is your text,  add text of all different kinds, colors and more

5.  Butterfly-  this is a list of pre made overlays , banners, labels, stickers, shapes, all kinds!  Plus you can upload your own here. Great for adding a signature or title to pictures.

6. Fancy Square-  adds borders in all shapes, types and sizes.  Includes a polaroid style.

7.  Diamond shaped weave-   adds textures ,  example you can make a background be a chalkboard or piece of paper then build off of it.

8. Pumpkin with "new" -  these are holiday themed options,  one thing PicMonkey is NOT lacking is options and edits.

Take time, do not get overwhelmed or frustrated because you will be in love once you start using this program on a regular basis. You will learn it and it is easier than any other program like it that offers this much !

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