How To Save Over 50% On Essentials Without Using Coupons

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How To Save Over 50% On Essentials Without Using Coupons

Most of what you see above was free using +UPs ! 

How To Save Over 50% On Essentials Without Using Coupons

The use of coupons is growing in popularity for one reason,  they help save us money.  So why are there so many people out there still refusing to use them?   For a few reasons-   either they do not have the time to clip coupons then match them to sales or maybe they live in an area where the newspaper never includes coupons.  So now what?  Pay full price?  Or shop dollar type stores and end up getting cheap products?  There is a way to save a ton of money without using coupons !

Here is how : 

Choose your favorite drug store first,  it seems the most popular among couponers are Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS .   Each one of these stores has a rewards program that gives you discounts on products.  They also print store"cash" that can be used on your future purchases.

Rite Aid -  

  • Wellness+ Card (free to register) - gives you points for dollars spent, after a certain amount of points you get a discount. Example reach 500 points, get 10% off all purchases for a year.  You can get your card right at the register the day you shop.
  • +UPs -  a "coupon" that prints on applicable purchases , more details below...

How the +UP works -  Note* you must use a Wellness+ Card to get the sales and +UPs at Rite Aid.

Example -

  1. Tide Detergent on sale  $7  ,  buy 1  get a $2+UP to use on your next purchase.  Pay $7 , leave with a $2+UP .
  2.  Return to the store tomorrow(for example),    buy  Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner, on sale 2/$7  get  $3+UP
  3. Pay  for the Pantene with  $5 cash and the $2+UP from your Tide purchase.  Leave with a $3+UP .
  4. You now have a Tide and 2 Pantene for $12 out of your pocket ($7 and $5) , and you have a $3+UP  to spend your next visit , so it is like you spent $9.  Which is  only $2 more than that $7 Tide was to begin with!

My most recent Rite Aid trip -

  • Ajax Dish Detergent on sale  5/$6 ,  buy 5  get a $2UP
  • Xtra Laundry Detergent on sale  $1.97

I went into Rite Aid with $8 in +UPs from last week.  I grabbed 6 Ajax ,  4 Xtra and a newspaper.

Ajax -  $6

Xtra-  $7.88

Newspaper- $2

Total -  $15.88 .     They scanned by  +UPs  which took off  $8.   My remaining balance was $7.88.   I left with a $2+UP.  So it is like I got all of that for   $5.88 !    Now of course if you want to sweeten the deal you can start using coupons, but I usually get by just fine and with less of a headache!

Walgreens and CVS have the same type of program.   Walgreens has the RR or "register reward"  and CVS has the ECB or "extra care buck"  .     You can read more about those here  -    Walgreens Rewards   or  CVS Extra Care


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  1. Thank you for the great tips and advice. I need to learn to bargain shop for important stuff instead of just stuff that is a deal.

  2. Thanks for the great tips! I use CVS, and can really get some great savings with their program! I haven't tried Rite Aid or Walgreens yet, but they are definitely worth looking into!

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