DIY Handmade 2 -In- 1 Letter & Envelope Tutorial

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DIY Handmade 2 In 1 Letter & Envelope


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 DIY Handmade 2 -In- 1 Letter & Envelope Tutorial


Perfect for Valentine's Day!

This letter is sure to have anyone who receives it  in awe of your creativity.  Don't worry, they will never know that it took you literally under 2 minutes to make.  These are great for any occasion or no reason at all.  I sent one to my grandmother and she has been talking about it for months, she tells everyone.

There is no need to buy expensive envelopes , this will save you tons.  I see fancy stock paper and letterhead all the time at discount stores.  Usually a pack has about 25 or 50 sheets in it for about $3.  The last time I bought decorative envelopes they were $11 and they were all the same print.  To create this envelope simply follow the steps below :

What You Need

Your choice of stock paper , at least 8.5" x 11"

What To Do 

  1. Using the picture as a guide,  cut your paper into the shape of a heart
  2. Here you can either create a message on the heart or a separate piece of paper that you can fold into the envelope
  3. Fold in the sides and press down firmly to get a nice crease
  4.  Turn and fold the bottom to the top square it off so it is straight across as seen in step 4
  5. Fold the top triangle down just the same as closing a regular envelope
  6. Use tape to close


You can use two color paper, solid color on one side and print on the inside for a really sharp look!

This also makes it look more like a regular envelope if you will be mailing it.

Experiment with the shape,  I have done these a few different ways !



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  1. I love this its a great arts an crafts project forme and my daughter to do for are loved ones

  2. My daughter enjoys crafts. I am sure she will use this in the future. Thank you for sharing.

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