How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2

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How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2

How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2

Featured in this How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2

  • Recap- registering a domain name
  • Obtaining Web Hosting
  • Installing WordPress

Recapping Domain names

By now you should have your blog name chosen and the domain name purchased. That name is now yours, as long as you pay the yearly fee you own it. Do not worry, if you have not purchased the name, shame on you, DO IT NOW.  Just kidding, you can do it below at Green Geeks....  (seriously though as soon as you know a name you want, buy it! They go fast, no joke)

Obtaining web hosting

Your blog has a name, a domain registered and now it needs a place to call home, so to speak.

Think of it like this:  your domain is an RV and your web hosting is the RV park.  It provides everything your website needs to stay up and running.  You pay a monthly fee for the service, once you stop paying you have to leave!  Ok, I got carried away...  your web hosting will pause and no one will be able to view your website until you pay.  That won't happen anyways because web hosting is so inexpensive, like $5 a month.

How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2

To set up your web hosting we recommend Host Gator or Green Geeks. Not because we might get paid a little bit if you sign up, but because we use them. We have personal experience with these companies.

I wouldn't recommend a company I knew nothing about. With that said,  I have been with HostGator for almost 4 years and have never had an issue. We own and operate 3 websites, it use to be 5, but we sold the other 2.  One is crazy enough,  3 is manageable since I can make my own schedule (thanks to being a self employed blogger).

Anyways, GreenGeeks is a hardcore competitor though!  If it was easy for me to switch everything over to them, I would .  Right now you can start your web hosting with them for less than $4 a month.

Just follow the on screen instructions.

Choose your plan

How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2


Click Get Started, Pick One (if you already registered your domain, choose use existing or find your new domain here!)

How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2

Continue to follow the instructions.  Your web host will give you all the information you need to download WordPress and start your blog!

Believe it or not this is the easy part you do not need to be technically savvy or know too much about the technical side of websites.  I didn't.  Not at all.

Stay tuned for our next post!   Step 3 will teach you how to set up a theme and design your site with a cool logo and more!  

The money making will come soon I promise!  One step at a time. 


How To Blog- Beginner's Guide Step 2