25 Halloween Craft & Decoration Tutorials

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25 Halloween Craft & Decoration Tutorials

As we get closer to the end of September there is more and more talk of Halloween.  I know some people who are decorating already,  I personally like to decorate for fall first and kind of ease into Halloween.  We start with the Halloween decor October 1st.  However, I do start planning and looking for ideas long before that.  It takes me a lot of time online reading and browsing images. I get so distracted with all the amazing ideas, that I look for posts like this one where there are a lot of ideas all in one place.

I have spent a lot of my free time lately putting together new ideas for our displays this year.  My neighbors really like how we put together our house for Halloween so I need to make sure to keep it fresh each year!  Here are some great ideas I am starting with  , check them out and let me know which is your favorite by commenting below.  Have fun!

  1. Fall Scented Pumpkins: Make Your Home Smell Wonderful!
  2. DIY Halloween Window Decor With Vinyl And Lights
  3. Googly Party Lights Halloween Craft
  4. DIY Halloween Sign & Artwork Display
  5. Handprint Spiders in a DIY Lacing Card Web
  6. Simple Spider Craft
  7. Hand and Footprint Bat
  8. Easy Halloween Wreath
  9. DIY Spooky Spider Halloween Display Trays
  10. DIY Halloween Memory Tree
  11. DIY Halloween Wall Art
  12. Free Halloween Printable
  13. DIY Spooky Decoupage Treat Bucket
  14. Homemade Halloween Wreath For Only $3
  15. Vintage Horror Movie Dessert Table
  16. Front Door Decorations for Halloween // BOO Sign
  17. Halloween Buckets
  18. Fabric Scrap Wreath Tutorial
  19. Eerie Chicken Wire Ghost
  20. The Witch Is In
  21. DIY Halloween Decor
  22. Make Your Own Slime with Elmer’s Glue &Borax — A Perfect Halloween Activity!
  23. Easy DIY Halloween Canvas Art
  24. Treat Bag using Toilet Paper Rolls
  25. Tin Can Luminaries


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  1. There are so many fun DIY halloween Decorations! We love decorating for Halloween! Thanks for this fun list of ideas!

  2. Ah, halloween! I always have such a great time decorating for Halloween - thank so much for sharing this great round up!

  3. There is a lot of Great Halloween Decorations for me to make. I like a lot of them and want to make some with my son. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. There are so many wonderful options here, it's difficult to choose a favorite. Thanks so much!

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