16 Head to Toe Beauty Tips & Tricks -Hair, Skin & Feet

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Head to Toe- 16 Beauty Tips & Tricks -Hair, Skin & Feet

Head to Toe- 16 Beauty Tips & Tricks -Hair, Skin & Feet

There are beauty tips and tricks all over the internet, but there is nothing like having Head to Toe Beauty Tips & Tricks all in one place! Below you will find some of my favorites. As a licensed cosmetologist, I am often asked  if I have any little beauty tips & tricks that usually involve things such as making how to make your hair grow faster, how to grow out your natural nails and such. It has always amazed me how many of my clients were looking for different tips & tricks pertaining to feet.

The salon I worked in did not offer pedicures so my hair clients were always asking me where I went and what my favorite products were. I use to give up my favorite homemade foot scrub recipe, which I have since misplaced so it sent me on a search for a new one.  I have provided that below for you along with some of my other favorite Head to Toe Beauty Tips & Tricks.   Hair, Make Up, Skin and Feet…  by time you are done, you will feel as though you had been at the spa for the day!  Enjoy.


Head to Toe- 16 Beauty Tips & Tricks -Hair, Skin & Feet
Elegant Updo in Seconds
Best Workout Hair Trick
Hair Care Tips
Big Wavy Hair


Head to Toe- 16 Beauty Tips & Tricks -Hair, Skin & Feet

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Under Eye Correction
Fall Makeup Tutorial  ( Heavy Eye Shadow)
Just a Little Smokey Eye shadow Tutorial  (Light Eye Shadow)
Bronzed Goddess Makeup Tutorial



How to Exfoliate For Skin Renewal 
How to get rid of Under-Eye Circles
8 Best Foods for Gorgeous Skin
The Rules of Skincare You Should Be Breaking


Head to Toe- 16 Beauty Tips & Tricks For Hair, Skin & Feet

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The perfect at-home Pedicure with a Sugar & Almond Foot Scrub
At-home Ginger & Peppermint Foot Scrub for tired and painful feet
How to get pretty and healthy feet
Timeless beauty tricks for Happy Feet
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  1. Thanks. I’ve never been to this site before. It’s full of good tips. I have to check out the recipes!

  2. Thank you so much for the undereye correction tutorial – I have just started getting dark circles and this helped a lot.

  3. Great tips !

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